08.00- 08.45 AM

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

Breakfast is sponsored by Corporate Recruiters

08.45 - 09.15 AM

Opening Remarks

A warm welcome will be held in the Reliance Theatre.

09.15 AM - 10.00 AM
Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation

Tamara Grominsky

How to Win at Category Design as a Product Team

The strategic secret behind the most successful companies is not simply product innovation or a disruptive business model - it's category creation. The highest growth companies leverage the power of category design and product design in tandem to increase their chance of product-market fit and build differentiation. In this session, Tamara will share her own experience building a new category as Unbounce transitioned from a landing page builder to a multi-product conversion intelligence platform. She will provide insights on how to bring customer development, category creation, and product innovation together into one cross-functional strategy to drive success in category creation.

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We will be live streaming this, you can sign up to watch it live here.

10.15 AM - 11.00 AM

10AM Sessions

How to Create a Product Office ◆ Dave Sharrock ◆ Reliance Theatre

→ Definition of Done — Understanding Engineering Deliverables As a Product Person ◆ Victoria Grey ◆ Rennie Hall

→ Entrepreneurship - should we apply for the incubator or accelerator at UBC, and how can we get accepted? ◆ Chang Han ◆ A1010

→ Using Tiktok for customer discovery and user acquisition ◆ Kushank Aggarwal ◆ Boardroom

11.15 AM - 12.00 PM

11AM Sessions

How To Experiment In A Zero Failure Environment - Move fast and NOT break things ◆ Tom Alterman ◆ Reliance Theatre
How to give a captivating & memorable demo as a PM! ◆ Lena Sesardic ◆ Rennie Hall
Product Risk Management - Assess, Treat, and Monitor ◆ Kul Sharma ◆ A1010

12.00 PM - 01.00 PM


Lunch is sponsored by IncrementOne

1.00 PM - 1.45 PM

1PM Sessions

What’s best for my PM career and my life: Big Tech or Start-up? ◆
Drew, Paul, Chris ◆ Reliance Theatre

Learnings from the first year of implementing Product Operations
Kevin Yuan ◆ Rennie Hall

How can all product people make a difference in climate? ◆ Brett Gilmour ◆ A1010

Recruiting Roundup ◆ Boardroom

2.00 PM - 2.45 PM

2PM Sessions

Resetting direction of technology-centric company ◆ John Hawkins, Alan Albert, Partho Ghosh ◆ Reliance Theatre

From an employee to a founder and a tech business owner ◆ Yoni Tzafrir ◆ Rennie Hall

How do you assess multiple opportunities to choose a beachhead market? ◆ Chang Han ◆ A1010

Mentor Mashup ◆ Boardroom

3.00 PM - 3.45 PM

3PM Sessions

Are Persona's a four letter word? ◆ Katja Macura & Hsinyu Kuo ◆ Reliance Theatre

Building Product & Growth Teams for Newsrooms ◆ Michelle Chan ◆ Rennie Hall

How to land a role at a major tech company ◆ Paul Save ◆ A1010

→ How we built an experimental culture & used it to 10X IntelliCode usage in Visual Studio ◆ Aaron Yim ◆ Boardroom

4.00 PM - 4.30 PM

Closing Remarks

The closing remarks will be held in the Reliance Theatre.

5.00 PM - TBD

After Party

Join us for the after-party at the Red Truck Beer Brewery! Take a short walk from the event and schmooze with the other product professionals that attended in our booked private room.

Click here for directions.

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