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08.00- 08.45 AM

Registration, Breakfast & Networking

Breakfast is sponsored by Corporate Recruiters

08.45 - 09.15 AM

Opening Remarks

A warm welcome will be held in the Reliance Theatre.

09.15 AM - 10.00 AM

Keynote Presentation

How to Win at Category Design as a Product Team

The strategic secret behind the most successful companies is not simply product innovation or a disruptive business model - it's category creation. The highest growth companies leverage the power of category design and product design in tandem to increase their chance of product-market fit and build differentiation. In this session, Tamara will share her own experience building a new category as Unbounce transitioned from a landing page builder to a multi-product conversion intelligence platform. She will provide insights on how to bring customer development, category creation, and product innovation together into one cross-functional strategy to drive success in category creation.

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Tamara Grominsky

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