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Opening Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Laura Silvester, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product, Anthill

AI and Beyond: Reinvention for Product Managers

Discover the essential skill of reinvention for product managers. Laura will share a practical framework to help product managers lead in the era of artificial intelligence and navigate the dynamic landscape of technology, market forces, and human needs.


First Sessions

Reliance Theatre - Scaling Product Teams in the Age of AI - Alex Ackermans (Panel, 125 votes)

Rennie Hall (Upstairs) - It's 2024! What the heck is product management anyway? - Aniela Larson (Panel, 28 votes)

A1010 (Downstairs) - Creating Compelling Narratives in the Product World: A Storytelling Lab - Erin Melvin (Workshop, 63 votes)

Boardroom (D2315) - Navigating the Path from Customer Service to Product Management: A Personal Journey - Omar Zayed (Presentation, 26 votes)


Second Sessions

Reliance Theatre - Drinking Our Own Champagne: Managing Your Career with Product Management Principles - Timothy Yeung (Presentation, 82 votes)

Rennie Hall (Upstairs) - Mastering the Art of Pricing with Bayesian Inference - Paul Save (Workshop, 32 votes)

A1010 (Downstairs) - Compensation - How to earn your value (2nd Edition) - Ryan Fetterly (Workshop, 65 votes)

Boardroom (D2315) - Navigating the Leap: From Associate/Jr PM to Senior/Principal PM - Filip Machat (Presentation, 39 votes)



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Third Sessions

Reliance Theatre - Charting your own course: launching visionary products without buy-in - Ivana Ciric (Presentation, 77 votes)

Rennie Hall (Upstairs) - Level Up Your Product: Secrets in Gamification from the Game PMs - Laura Peacock (Presentation, 34 votes)

A1010 (Downstairs) - Speed Networking: Why are you at Product Camp? Sponsored by UBC Sauder School of Business

Boardroom (D2315) - Learn About Pairwise Comparison For All Your Prioritization Needs - Dave Sharrock (Workshop, 29 votes)




Fourth Sessions

Reliance Theatre - Unveiling the Abyss: Exploring a Product Manager's Deepest Fears - Jacky Cheung (Presentation, 69 votes)

Rennie Hall (Upstairs) - How to build climate-positive products - Peter Stovall (Workshop, 33 votes)

A1010 (Downstairs) - Job search strategies. Get your offer faster. 2024 edition - Anastasia Zarusskaia (Presentation, 21 votes)

Boardroom (D2315) - Product Therapy: Peer Support for Product Professionals - Blake Fisher (Workshop, 37 votes)


Fifth Sessions

Reliance Theatre - Nurturing, or Killing, Your Next Concept: 0-to-1 Product Validation - Amer Abu-Khajil (Presentation, 22 votes)

Rennie Hall (Upstairs) - Individual Journeys in AI - Sumant Gandhi (Panel, 31 votes)

A1010 (Downstairs) - Help, is my career a hyper-fixation? (Neurodivergent in Product) - Jeanine Longley (Workshop, 43 votes)

Boardroom (D2315) - Data-Driven Product Leadership: Crafting a Partnership between Product and Data Professionals - Cliff Stefanuk (Presentation, 33 votes)

Afternoon Anchor

Afternoon Anchor

Jessica Turner, Head of Strategy, Sola Strategy

Championing the Role of Product: Strategies to Elevate your Impact

Product roles are under the microscope as organizations question their value and advancements in technology loom to reshape jobs as we know them. As a result, establishing yourself as a pivotal team member is more crucial than ever. In this session you'll be equipped with foundational strategies to be an effective product contributor or leader.


Closing Remarks


After Party

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