Jessica Turner, Head of Strategy, Sola Strategy

Jessica Turner, Head of Strategy, Sola Strategy

Jessica has spent her career right here in the Vancouver tech ecosystem. 14+ years ago, she started as a generalist marketer in a local startup called Mobio and moved to Axiom Zen, then took the leap to pioneer the product process in the digital agency space. During that time, she’s had the privilege of working with 35+ startups to develop and execute their product strategies, as well as with enterprises such as Toyota, BCAA (insurance), Finning Digital (global equipment dealer), and Medable (healthcare) to validate ideas, establish product strategies, and innovate. 

She’s now transitioned to building her own business, Sola Strategy, where she works on a fractional or project basis, helping startups develop and execute informed business and product strategies that maximize resources (time, team, and runway).


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Championing the Role of Product: Strategies to Elevate your Impact

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